Nas – „Hate Me Now”

  În urmă cu 18 ani, Nas lansa videoclipul piesei „Hate Me Now”, care este extrasă din albumul „I Am…”. Aceasta reprezintă o colaborare cu Puff Daddy, iar producția sa audio este realizată de către D-Moet, Pretty Boy & Trackmasters. Videoclipul este regizat de Hype Williams, iar varianta sa inițială a produs o serie de controverse printre ascultători. Aceasta se datora faptului că atât Nas, cât și Puff Daddy, erau crucificați. Puff a cerut ca scena crucificării sale să fie exclusă din cadrul videoclipului. Cu toate acestea, a fost trimisă varianta greșită la MTV și TRL, urmând ca videoclipul să apară pe data de 15 Aprilie 1999.

 Conform Wikipedia, se pare că la câteva minute de la difuzarea videoclipul, Puff a intrat în biroul lui Steve Stoute (managerul lui Nas), însoțit de câteva gărzi de corp, pe care l-a lovit în cap cu o sticlă de șampanie. Mai târziu, Stoute l-a dat în judecată pe Puff Daddy, însă judecata a fost soluționată în afara instanței.

 Referitor la piesă și videoclip, Nas a transmis următoarele:

 It was a track D-Moet Produced for Foxy Brown, and she didn’t want the record, she didn’t like it. It fit with my album, I Am…, so I did the D-Moet track and it sounded perfect for Puff to be on, so I gave it to him, went to the studio, and he rocked it, knocked it out. I wanted him to talk that shit on there, because that „Victory” record was my favorite record, with him and B.I.G., and I just wanted him to talk some of his shit on there. I had him screaming a whole bunch of wild shit on here, and cats were slam-dancing to it in New York. It was really crazy, out of this world. At that point, I started wearing a huge chain, and I think me and Puff at that point started that bling shit and took it to the next level, and we did the video, and it was out of this world.

There’s a play in New York City where a black man played Jesus, and caught a lot of flak. I think, even the mayor at the time, Giuliani, was against it. So my thing was I wanted to be crucified like Jesus in the video, to get back at all those people that don’t want to see a black man doing his thing. Me and Puff got hammered to the cross, but after Puff expressed his religious beliefs and speaking to his pastor, he wasn’t ready to take that stance, so it was really my idea anyway, so we took his part out. For some reason, I think [my former manager] Steve Stoute let it fly with Puffy still being crucified to the cross, so there was that fight at the office, where Puff jumped on Steve or some shit like that. Both of them were friends of mine, so I kind of stepped in and squashed the whole thing, and it’s all in the past. Just growing pains. We were all growing up. That brings back a lot of memories. Even when I throw it on onstage now, it still kills

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