ILLusionist, unul dintre cei mai cunoscuți beatmakeri din România, lansează astăzi un nou E.P. intitulat ”The Uplift”, acesta fiind disponibil spre descărcare gratuit. Materialul poate fi și achiziționat, susținând astfel artistul.

Hello! I’m ILLusionist, a beatmaker from Romania and I present you my first album in collaboration with people from other states. I released last year an instrumental album named „WhiteSoul” and I also made beats for some Romanian artists. Take all my music for free! Hit Share if you like the way it sounds. Props!


01. Don’t You Doubt Me (feat. Nieve & Dj Nasa)
02. Fresh Rhymes (feat. The 49ers & Awon)
03. Tomorrow Not Guaranteed (feat. windchILL & Dj Nasa)
04. Easy Does It (feat. Tiff The Gift)
05. I Need You (feat. Noah King)
06. Assassin’s Creed (feat. Awon)
07. Devil’s Shoulder (feat. KRBL Rebel Radio)