Lil Boosie este in inchisoarea Angola din Louisiana unde va trebui sa-si ispaseasca pedeapsa pentru crima de gradul intai. Intr-un interviu pentru XXL, acesta si-a exprimat frustrarea pe motiv ca politia nu doreste sa-i returneze hard-disk-ul calculatorului personal unde se afla foarte multe materiale muzicale la care acesta a lucrat. El a declarat:

[I’m here] ‘cause of the songs I made, before I was indicted, about the police in Baton Rouge and what’s going on here,” he said. „There’s a lot with our record label, that the system don’t like… They took my hard drive out of my house after I got arrested. I have albums for days in there. They still haven’t returned it. They’ve had it for damn near a year now. I need that music.”

I’m leaving Louisiana the first day I get out of prison, I’m a major target down here. I’ll thank God for everything and get back to the money.”