CoryCifax Cory Cifax este numele de scenă al artistului pe care vi-l prezint în acest articol, ce are ca scop promovarea celei mai recente piese lansate de către acesta. Melodia poartă denumirea de „Dashcams & Hashtags”, producția audio fiind realizat de către RedEye.

 Cory transmite următoarele lucruri despre piesa respectivă:

 I’ve sat in rooms with some Caucasian brothers and sisters who share my faith and I’ve noticed a huge disconnect and even subtle denial that the reality that I face so often, is not much of a reality at all. It isn’t until I share stories of knees in my neck walking on the sidewalk, or the many police officers who threw me to the ground as I pleaded ‘I cannot breathe’ only to get the response of ‘stop resisting’. This was my 18th birthday. When I share that I’ve been stopped and frisked for going to the grocery store, or ‘that I fit the description’ while waiting for a friend, or told I’m a suspect with a gun while I am cleaning my car.  I feel I have to bombard them with examples, so they might consider unequal treatment could be possible.  

 My distrust towards the police is not based on media, or statistics, it’s based on interactions. My anger is not because I hate all police officers but because I want to trust the police and believe that these are the public servants they are described to be. So when the murders occur at the hands of police officers to more unarmed black men, my heart drops, hopelessness creeps in, I sob and pray for a change.

I believe that this dark tragic moment in history is a huge opportunity for the church. If the church, who has shown ourselves not to be immune to segregation, can listen to one another, I mean truly seek to understand one another; I believe in all sincerity we can lead the way in reconciliation. However we have to have these tough conversations and those who have the privilege to ignore the problem should choose not to.

This is why the song was created, to basically aid the narrative. It’s a story of tardy empathy and late listening. I really believe this song is a conversation piece, that can be used to bring clarity and to share my heart and hope.

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