Reef the lost cauze

Pe data de 30 decembrie a anului 2014 a fost ziua de naștere a lui Reef the Lost Cauze. Pare că a trecut foarte mult timp în momentul în care te gândești la faptul că suntem în anul 2015, dar acest eveniment a avut loc de curând. Oricum, artistul a lansat o nouă piesă, ce se intitulează „Talk to me” și ce este dedicată fiului său, Isaiah Sharif. Instrumentalul este produs de către Snowgoons.

Artistul transmitea pe data de 30 decembrie:

Today is my 33rd birthday. If you follow me you know I usually like to drop new/unreleased music to celebrate the occasion, but today I want to celebrate someone else and that is my best friend, my heart, my love, my first born son Isaiah Sharif. As many of you are aware my boy is autistic, something I at first looked at as negative but have come to realize is a blessing in disguise. You see he is protected, he has been given the unique ability to see the world through eyes all his own, never even understanding what it means to conform or follow someone else. He will remain childlike and happy no matter what is going on around him, spreading joy to all who come his way. If that isn’t proof god has angels I don’t know what is. I wrote this song to him about 2 years ago and have been sitting on it since. I’ve performed it twice and never made it all the way through without breaking down, but today I want to share it with you all. It’s called „Talk to Me” and it’s produced by my dear friends and uncles to my son, the Snowgoons. we put together just a little video to go with the song, the link is in my bio. I hope you feel the love on this one and share it with someone that may need to hear it. I love you all, peace.

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