Continuam seria promovarilor internationale, iar astazi va prezentam prin prietena noastra SUPALAURA, un videoclip la piesa intitulata „Lava Lampin„, semnata Those Chosen. Mai jos aveti si biografia trupei.

THOSE CHOSEN – an avant garde hip-hop group known for their street influenced, politically fueled, spiritual lyricism consists of Japetto, Kornbread and Foreshadow. The trio’s common love for music helped form a musical brotherhood that has Those Chosen on a journey to become the premiere influence within music.

URB Magazine recently crowned Those Chosen the 25:NOW! (Artist to Watch) because of the trio’s explosive live performances on MTV2, numerous national music festivals, sold out concerts, and collaborations with hip-hop legend Slick Rick, Grammy-winning super-producer IZ Avila (of the Avila Brothers), in addition to hit-maker THX.

The group’s most recent project 5IVE, an ep, available on iTunes featured the hit single, „Soundclash” which became #3 on the College Rap Radio Top 40 Charts and had a youtube favorited video as well. 5IVE is a must have for any music lover and collector of dope hip-hop. The trio’s other projects, „Steamulus: The Watts Riot Effect” and „Reign Food” also both capture listeners with dynamic lyricism and vivid story telling that ranges from estranged relationships, feel-good vibes to triumphant glory mode; and beyond. TC is always reaching new sonic heights. TC does not indulge in the commercialism of mainstream hip hop’s immediate hooks and predictable sounds, yet amazingly Those Chosen continues to create excitement with eager fans and music lovers on a global scale.