La două săptămâni de la lansarea piesei „No More Control”, MURS –  membru al labelului Strange Music, lansează și videoclipul acesteia.

 Piesa este o colaborare a artistului american cu MNDR, și a fost produsă de către Jesse Shatkin. Aceasta este extrasă de pe albumul „Have A Nice Life”, care va fi lansat pe 19 mai 2015.

 Materialul conține 14 piese și poate fi pre-comandat de pe iTunes, dar și de pe site-ul labelului  Strange Music.

 „No More Control” se referă la nevoia de a confrunta problemele care afectează societatea, dar și la mișcarea #BlackLivesMatter.

 La final, voi cita câteva fraze pe care MURS le spune despre piesa sa:

“‘No More Control’ is about not letting the media or the powers that be control us or guide us into thinking that the problem is anything other than violence.”A lot of my contemporaries would have you believe that the problem is just the police, which, I am not disregarding at all, I am just as sickened and fed up as everyone else with what we’ve been seeing on the news. What about what’s not making the news? It is very rare that someone from the hip-hop community and the black community would stand up and say, ‘I think the majority of the opportunity for change is still in our control.’ They want us to be victims, to think ‘march and protest’ because that’s the victim role. Yes, the police are out of control, but what can we control? We can control the culture of violence in our community. Instead of looking at what we can control, we’re looking at the justice system to convict these one, two, three or one hundred police officers. Bringing these killers to justice is only part of the solution.”

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