Yonas a acumulat pana acum aprecierea de la foarte multi oameni si succes de la inceputul carierei sale in muzica. In 2008, a lansat primul sau proiect, castigand cu el premiul Billboard, la compozitori Best Hip Hop, plus alte nominalizari. Acum, cu pasi repezi, Yonas se indreapta spre lansarea albumului sau, iar astazi publica primul sau single Fall Back.

Pe Fall Back, producatorul Sean Divine, ofera un bass beat complet, cu chitare distorsionate, pentru versurile pline de pasiunea Yonas.

Fall Back,’ to me, expresses exactly what it is that I feel, and what it is a lot of us feel daily, and that’s the feeling that we’re misunderstood

“I wanted to draw attention to the fact that we all fight through our emotions to survive for not only ourselves, but for the people that depend on us

I feel like my tank is on E/ This damn ship is sinkin’ on me/ But I got people bankin’ on me/ So I fight through what they cannot see.